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In order to engage your potential customers to interact with you as a business, it is necessary to do a little self promoting, and more businesses these days primarily use social media to do this.


For many businesses managing their social media platforms can be very time consuming or even extremely costly if you need to employ a social media or digital marketing expert. We offer you the opportunity to outsource your social media management to a local business who understands the local area as well as the marketplace who can save you time and money, not just on your marketing resources, but on employing and training additional staff.

Here at Enzby Media, we work with multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram, using tried and tested techniques, to create a tailor-made marketing campaign to get the most from your marketing budget, and as our social media management starts from only £20 per week, we are affordable for every budget too.


We understand that your customers are the core of your business, so we will work with you to help build rewarding relationships with your existing customers, and reach out to potential new ones using a range of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, pinterest and personalised blogs.


Whether you’re a sole trader wanting to talk to your customers via Facebook and twitter, or a large company who want to engage with new opportunities via multiple platforms, we can work within your budget to create a campaign that brings you results.

Social Media Management

Our social media packages

Initially we would like to do a full audit of your current social media profiles and accounts. From this, we will be able to gain valuable insights into your business , customers, industry and competitors. This analysis of all your previous posts, tweets, enquiries and engagement will help us ensure that the transition and synergy from your previous posting and engagement style to your new campaign is seamless and authentic.


Our monthly packages are all pretty much tailor-made to each individual customer’s needs, so it’s hard to give a strict pricing matrix, but our bespoke social media profile management packages start from just £20 per week.

If you’re new to social media, or have recently set up a new business, we can start from scratch and create branded profiles for your business that you can either take over yourself, or let us do the hard work and get your platforms populated with all your business information and images, and get it integrated with your websites, blogs and another online products.


If you are having a website built by us, we are more than happy to create a discounted one-stop package to get your site designed, built and optimised and your social media created and populated at the same time.

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